Introducing 32Red Horse Racing Boosts


32Red simply wants the best for its members by providing them with the best odds in sports betting through betting boosts. This provides punters not only with the best odds but a greater chance at larger profits.

What is the Daily Horse Racing Price Boost

32Red’s daily horse racing price boost makes horse racing a popular choice for its members. Each day 32Red will boost selected horses at races throughout the UK as well as Ireland. If a specific horse has been chosen as part of the ‘’Boost price’’ there will be a red icon next to the horse’s name on the sports betting page. Whenever you bet on a boosted horse you are opting in for the best odds the industry has to offer on that particular horse.

How do Price Boosts Work?

Also known by many punters as enhanced odds betting, 32Red has taken a step forward by introducing daily horse race boosts each day of the week. This puts a whole new spin on a casino that is already well-known for providing great odds in sports betting. Simply put, 32Red decides to temporarily boost the odds of a particular horse.

As an example, 32Red could decide to boost the odds on a particular horse to come first and by doing so place the odds in favour of the bettor instead of ‘’the house’’. Once you bet on a horse that has been boosted you will receive a confirmation message to head to the in-play section and choose your bet.

Where Can you Find a Price Boost?

Simply visit and head to the horse racing section where all the current races will be listed in detail including the specific horses racing, the odds, and more in-depth details. Here punters should simply look out for the horse with a clear red box displaying that the horse offers a price boost bet.

How to Take Advantage of Price Boosts

With a 32Red price boost offer, you should always consider how to make use of it to win and not just take a wild chance. Betting boosts give you a chance at no extra risk, yet extra profit is possible if you use the offer wisely. Consider the following tips when making use of 32Red’s daily horse racing price boost.

Evaluate Enhanced Odds Realistically

Even if a horse is giving you the best possible odds at winning it is not a sure chance that the horse will be winning the race. If it does win the punter will be running to the bank, but if not, there’s not much of a loss, yet a chance at a win is also lost. Always consider the horse’s winning history.

Never Neglect Betting Analysis – No Matter the Odds

A betting analysis is vital in making a winning bet. The betting analysis will provide you with detailed information on the real chance you have of betting on a particular horse and winning, if the analysis doesn’t seem too positive then there is not much of a chance of a successful bet, even with the enhanced odds.

Make use of Daily Boost Offers

Having a chance at a different horse to win each day is extremely helpful in building more experience with horse race betting as well as improving your chances at a successful bet. 32Red offers the ultimate price boost for horse racing every day.

Always Read the Terms and Conditions

Hitting the perfect winning bet can quickly turn bad if you didn’t carefully read the terms and conditions of a price boost offer. Betting sites including 32Red always have much-needed terms attached to promotional offers such as age restriction, employment, and only one price boost being available per IP address.

Is 32Red Price Boost Worth It?

With 32Red’s promotional offers constantly changing it can be helpful to try a price boost when available as long as the bettor is considering what their chances at winning are. Price boosts typically do not cost any additional fees or require any signup or deposit; thus making a price boost the perfect chance at having greater odds at bigger wins.